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Drive Traffic to your Site By Linking
By: Joseph Lawson


There are several ways of marketing your site. Pay per click, article writing, blogging, email campaigning, just to name a few. Obviously they are good strategies and should be utilized and mastered appropriately.

But let´s talk about one strategy that gets over looked. "LINKING" That is to say linking your site to other sites. Why is this a viable tool? Because in doing so you can generate more traffic to your site with the help of others.

There are several ways of linking:

1. Free Submission- Submit your site to a free directoy. The top 5,,,, and Be sure to follow their rules as they are all different.

2. Paid Submissions- Basically the same as above but with a fee attached in order to review and link your site. Yahoo directory is probably the best known and can charge upto $300.00 a year.

3. Reciprocal Link- This is highly recommended. Find other sites through a key word search on Google that are a compliment not competition to your page. create a link to the page. It is important however, to contact the owner of the site and let them know that you like their site and would like them to also link onto your site. Any one who doesn´t in a reasonable amount of time get rid of them and find another site to link to.

4. Featured Link-Simply pay for a premium spot.

5. Featured Homepage Link-Well it doesn´t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this can cost big bucks! But if you have the budget for it and you track your results it could be worth it. It is definately not necessary. Dmoz powers Google and they directly related.

Driving traffic to your site through linking is time consuming but it is worth it. Once you get the strategy down it will come naturally like anything else you learn and master.

For more info on linking I high recommend that you read. Top 3 Google Linking Strategies of 2008 by Michael Small.


My name is Joseph Lawson I am a Singer/Network Marketer and I live in Stuttgart, Germany. I hope that the information provide in my blogs and articles is helpful to others trying to operate their home based businesses. For more free tips go to:

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